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Low Noise Fireworks

With more and more venues having to take into consideration there surroundings with regards to noise pollution we are seeing a huge increase in demand for low noise firework displays. Selstar Fireworks have been firing a large variety of low noise displays for over 10 years and are the preferred suppliers for several prestigious venues across the South Coast. Whether it is local residents, nearby animals or young children in the audience low noise fireworks are the perfect way to have a spectacular display but adhering to the venue requirements. Our most frequent low noise bookings are weddings and all of our wedding packages are available in low noise versions.

How do we create low noise displays? Our low noise displays consist of a vast range of effects including Fountains, Comets, Mines, Falling Leaves, Horsetails, Spinners, Catherine Wheels and Cascading Waterfalls. These effects are equally as impressive as fireworks which create noise but are effects that do not require the same amount of power to create meaning a large reduction in the noise produced. Often low noise displays are commented on as equally or even more stunning than a noisy display as the effects used are some of the most beautiful that fireworks can create. Why not make your low noise even more personal by having it choreographed to your choice of music, often used as a first dance with a spectacular backdrop or a surprise to someone special. To book or request more information of our low noise displays please contact us and we would be delighted to help you.