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Pyromusical displays are one of the most spectacular ways of displaying pyroartistry, bringing a very personal touch to your displays having them synchronised to your choice of music. Whether its a public display for 20,000 people or a private party of 20, pyromusical displays are a great way of drawing your audience into the display and getting the whole crowd dancing and singing along. Our creative team thrive to not just make the fireworks dance to the music but also to portray the emotion of the music, this is achieved with over 20 years of product knowledge and highly creative imagination. It is our advanced technology which enables us to hit split second timings and those all important beats. Our firing system is capable of 100th of a second between each cue and 1,800 individual cues.

Pyromusical displays start from just £1,500 inc vat, as every pyromusical display is completely different we ask that you contact us for us to be able to give you an accurate price. With our advanced firing system we are able to connect to a sound system already on site or our hire department is able to provide sound systems for all sizes of crowds.