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Fireworks For Special Occasions

Firing Systems


Selstar Fireworks believes that having the correct equipment for the job is very important to delivering the highest standard of displays. Cobra firing systems is one of the most advanced systems on the market, launched in 2010 cobra is pushing the boundaries of what firing systems are capable and have a large development programme. Main features include wireless range up to 1000m allowing use in large range of applications, split second accuracy, manual and scripted firing, live feedback during display and synchronisation with audio for pyromusical displays. 

Design Software


Finale Fireworks enables us to visualize our displays before we actually fire them, this allows us to check that what we have created in our minds is going to happen on the display night. Finale is especially useful for Pyromusicals displays as it allows us to see precise points in the music align effects up to those points. Ensuring that time is put into this stage of the planning ensures that on the night the setup and display run smoothly. After we have fine-tuned the display we are able to download the script directly into the Cobra controller as well as Finale printing all relevant paperwork including, labels, cue sheets and preparation instructions.



Inventory is stock control management software; stock control is very important to our business ensuring we have the products available that are required for the displays. Inventory also helps us to make sure we are complying with storage license requirements and know exactly where each individual firework is located within our stores.