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Fireworks For Any Occasion 



SelStar Fireworks Ltd was established in 1995 by Peter Cooper, one time Chairman of the Selsey Community Bonfire Society. In 2013, experienced display manager Stephen Harriott took over as director, of SelStar Fireworks Ltd on the retirement of Peter Cooper. 

SelStar Fireworks Ltd employs 2 full time staff to oversee the day to day running of the company ensuring the constant delivery of a high-class service. There are also, 40 BPA trained pyrotechnicians, who travel all over the country delighting clients with firework magic. The teams of firers are all dedicated, qualified and experienced in organising and firing spectacular displays, whilst ensuring safe and enjoyable entertainment for the public.


We use the latest in visualization design software, to assist us in delivering high quality displays with split second timing for a wide range of firework effects. This is achieved using the latest in digitally controlled firing system technology


SelStar Fireworks Ltd are specialists in providing high impact displays for a wide variety of venues and events, eg. from Pyromusicals to Low Noise displays.


Some of our clients include the Armed Forces, Corporate events, Weddings, Educational Establishments, Local Authority and public events. Examples - Royal Armouries; Fort Nelson; Singleton Open Air Museum for The Firework Maker’s Daughter; Southend Barns wedding venue, Chichester; Dulwich Preparatory School; 5th November Bonfire Night at Crystal Palace, and  Southsea Band Stand concerts. We provided a display at Primrose Hill for a film being produced by Pinewood Studios and, under contract, provided the firework display for the opening of the London Eye on Millennium Eve, provided two teams for the River of Fire and teams for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee at Buckingham Palace and Green Park. Photographs of our display for Supermodel Jodie Kidd’s wedding appeared in Hello Magazine.


SelStar Fireworks Ltd are part of the Celtic Buying group, which sources the best products from the Luiyang Province of China. Stephen Harriott and the rest of the buying group regularly visit the factories to keep abreast of the new products and ensure that high standards are maintained. The company also purchases a wide range of products from England and Europe including the highly respected Europla Pirotecnia. Our close relation with Europla has led to our employees being invited out to work with them on some of there most prestigious displays and 2 of our staff holding Spanish pyrotechnic licences.

Recent Awards 

Firework Champions - Belvior Castle 2022

2nd Place - British Musical Firework Championships 2022

British Fireworks Champion of Champions 2019

British Fireworks Champions 2007 & 2017

Festival of Fireworks 2016 & 2019

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