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Fireworks For Any Occasion 

How much does a firework display cost?

Displays start as low as £1,200 including vat and go up as far as your budget allows, there really is no limit on the size of show we can do.


Does the price include everything?

Yes the price we quote you is the final price you will pay. All our prices include a site visit, risk assessment, insurance, transport, crew, setup, firing of display and tidy up/breakdown after the display. 


Do you supply insurance and risk assessments etc?

Yes we cover all of our displays with £10 million public liability insurance and every display gets a risk assessment after a site visit has been carried out. Clients will also receive a copy of our operations procedures and health and safety policy.


Are you a member of a recognised association?

Yes we are a member of the BPA (British Pyrotechnics Association) and are crew are trained on their City and Guilds training scheme to ensure they have the knowledge to deliver a spectacular and safe display. We are also a member of the Federation Of Small Businesses.


Does the weather effect the display?

Yes, however unless for safety reasons that cannot be overcome we won't cancel due to the weather. We are able to waterproof the large majority of fireworks and our crew simply just get wet. It is very rare that we have to cancel a display due to weather but safety is our priority so if we cannot safely fire the display then we do reserve the right to cancel.


Can I have the fireworks synchronised to music?

Pyromusicals are where we synchronise the fireworks to the music with split second timing. This is achievable with our state of the art digital firing system and our advanced design software  but most importantly it is achieved using our vast knowledge and passion of product.


Is my site suitable for a fireworks display?

If you are unsure whether your site is suitable for a firework display then one of our display managers will meet you at your site to discuss, even if your site isn't suitable for a full scale professional display there may still options such as flames, close proximity effects and lanceworks.


My venue has problem with noise issues can I still have fireworks?

In most cases there is always a solution to being able to have a display of one kind or another. We offer special Low Noise displays for venues with noise restrictions, whether its animals nearby or local residents. Low noise fireworks are a great way of our clients still getting a spectacular display but being able to abide by the venues requirements. If your venue is unsure or would like to discuss the use of low noise fireworks we would of course be happy to arrange a meeting with them to discuss further. Our low noise fireworks have earnt a loyal reputation with several venues who now recommend us as there preferred suppliers as they know that we understand their requirements and limits.


Am I able to purchase fireworks and do it myself?

Yes we are licensed to sell consumer fireworks all year round. If you are wanting to buy fireworks and do it yourself then please visit our shop for our large range of consumer fireworks.

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